I wanted to share how things are going these days. You helped me more than a year ago with our new dog, Duncan. John had broken both shoulders and Duncan was acting out. We were just having a hard time in general. He had run away. He had hidden in a shower for a half hour. And life was not only difficult, but Duncan was making it worse.

Then I found you and it changed everything. We set up a phone time and a healing session for me and Duncan. I sent you a photo of him and she said you could see the fear in his eyes.

Today, Duncan is a wonderful member of our family. We take him most everywhere with us. I take him to visit the residents in assisted living where my mother lives. This summer we took him on a road trip with us to Colorado Springs. One day while there, we had to take him to doggy daycare and he was just fine.

Thank you for sharing your healing spirit with us. I am so thankful for having Duncan and having him be an integral part of our lives. He is such a comfort.

— Carrie Hawk


Philippa has assisted me with several abused puppy mill/farm rescue dogs. Philippa's energy calms even the most fearful dog. My most recent experience was a dog called Harlow, one of the most abused I've ever had. She's hidden in one room for months. Philippa had a very deep session with Harlow. The next day, Harlow came out of the bedroom and decided to join the other dogs. It's been amazing to see her begin to transform. I know we would not have been able to get Harlow to this point without Philippa. It's like a light has turned on inside her, finally. Thank you Philippa for your gift.

— Brenda Catanesi, Atlanta, GA, The Cavalier Rescue

When I first reached out to Philippa, I was reeling from the unexpected loss of my beloved pitbull, Clyde.  Within 24 hours of taking him to the vet for an upset stomach, emergency surgery revealed an unimaginable diagnosis-- incurable, inoperable cancer.  Losing him was like losing a child-- I was utterly inconsolable.  I had cared for Clyde and his sister Bonnie since rescuing them both from a dumpster nearly 6 years ago, and they have been my “kids” ever since.  I felt desperate for closure-- not only for myself, but feeling extremely worried about Bonnie, who had never spent a minute of her life away from her brother. 

Philippa made time in her busy schedule to meet with me and Bonnie right away.  Immediately upon meeting her, I felt at ease-- she exudes such a beautiful, calming energy.  Bonnie sensed it too, because in sheer seconds after arriving-- she was licking Philippa like an old friend (she’s not normally very friendly with strangers!) and snuggled up to her on the couch in the most serene, relaxed way.  It was incredible to witness the healing that took place between Philippa and Bonnie---  there was a powerful, tacit energy that was undeniable.  Philippa was able to assure Bonnie that she was safe, that she was not alone, that she was very loved and that Clyde was present with her in spirit.  In 6 years, I have never seen Bonnie so calm-- in almost a trance-like meditative state.  I am happy to say that since our one VortexHealing session, Bonnie has retained that calm energy and I sense she is at peace with the situation. 


What impressed me so much about Philippa’s style, is that she immediately sensed what the priorities were in terms of healing-- “healing people and pets” is her tag line and now I understand why.  I didn’t request a healing exercise for myself, but Philippa recognized how much I needed my own peace and closure.  During our meditation, I sensed Clyde with me and could nearly feel him laying in my lap the way he used to.  Philippa told me she asked him to come to me-- and did.  Later, I returned to the room where we held our session and there was a distinct paw print imprinted into the blanket where I felt Clyde with me. It was incredible!


Beyond the immediate effects of her gifted healing techniques, Philippa helped me to have the confidence to trust my own intuition-- to be guided by my sense of Clyde’s spirit and presence.  In the first week after Clyde’s death, I would go outside to my backyard and envision him lounging in the shade of the pine tree in our back yard.  A few days after my VortexHealing session, I went outside and there in the exact spot of shade under the tree was a single, pink flower.  I knew it was another sign from Clyde-- a beautiful reminder that he is still with us.


Philippa’s enlightened spirit and her aura filled with so much love and light ---has been the most powerful part of my own journey to healing-- as well as Bonnie’s.  I am so grateful for her and look forward to future sessions of VortexHealing to continue and further my own spiritual enlightenment.

Parker Wallace, Atlanta, GA


A novice to experiencing the powers of healing, I entrusted myself to Philippa to help me process my father’s passing.  The VortexHealing took place fittingly on Father’s Day, but as Philippa will tell you, “there are no coincidences in life, just Divine timing.”

My session with Philippa was extremely powerful – I felt a tremendous surge through my forehead that shifted emotions within me, bringing me to tears at times.  When I awoke, I immediately sensed relief and had a more positive outlook in a way that I never would have imagined.  I became more aware of how much so, when someone remarked the next day how good I looked.

SB – Atlanta, Georgia


I have had two encounters with Philippa.  One for myself with VortexHealing and one for Animal Communication and Vortex Healing for a horse I recently rescued.

The VortexHealing was amazing.  I have a new and positive outlook.  I highly recommend VortexHealing.

Philippa came to my home to meet my new horse, Rosa. 
Rosa came from a rescue and had been abused and abandoned.  She had got off the trailer to meet my sweet gentle gelding and miniature donkey gelding and proceeded to try to murder my gelding.  She immediately formed a bond with the miniature donkey.  She was also very aggressive towards me.  It was a very dangerous situation.

Over the course of the next month, she alienated the donkey from his long time friend and would attempt to “murder” my gelding just for breathing the same air as she was. She would also threaten to kick me if I tried to catch her or really do anything for her.

I had several other animal communicators work with Rosa.  There was some improvement, but by no means did we have peace and acceptance.  She did stop being so aggressive towards me, at least she stopped the kicking threats.  She was a little calmer with my gelding too.  However, she did kick him and it took two weeks before he was able to walk normally.

Today was nothing short of a miracle.  Rosa was stubborn at first, but curious.  I had purchased a new purple halter for her, but could not get close enough to her to put it on.  I wanted to make sure she stayed connected with Philippa and with me.  It turned out the halter was not needed to keep her close to Philippa.   It was amazing how she would follow Philippa around.  This took place for over 2 hours.

The flies were horrible and I had not been able to put anything on Rosa because I could not get a halter on her and she would just not allow it.   After about 90 minutes, her new halter was on a table in the yard, she went over and smelled it.  Philippa said to try putting it on again.  First try, halter right on her, no problem.   We told her how beautiful she looked in her new purple regal halter, and she did!  She allowed me to sponge the fly mixture all over her.  She stood and then melted into me.  She even grazed for a while.  When horses are relaxed and accepting they will do one of several things or a combination of things.  For example, drop their heads, chew, yawn or lick.  She actually half closed her eyes, chewed and leaned into me.  It was such a remarkable transformation.  I was kissing her on her nose and she was not only allowing it, but enjoying it. 

I have a new horse.  I now know what I need to do to grow the relationship and strengthen the bond.  I can’t wait to start riding her and discovering the unique beautiful soul that is Rosa.  Thank you so very much Philippa!!!

– VC. Alpharetta, Georgia.


I reached out to Philippa in healing a one and a half year golden retriever called Tony that I had been working with in order to rehabilitate him enough so that he could be adopted out to his forever home.  Tony had developed severe anxiety to normal everyday situations, had motion sickness, and car anxiety.  I had been using positive reinforcements while counter conditioning his reactions to certain stimuli.  I wanted Philippa’s help because of all the amazing things I had heard about her. From our first conversation, I knew she was amazing and the healer for me.  We spoke for a long time and she addressed all my concerns and questions, in turn asking about Tony in order to gather full understanding. Philippa came to my apartment the day of our healing and the best way to describe it, was magical.  I am the biggest fan of Philippa.   She has an aura about her that is nothing but love.  Tony loved her and was comfortable completely in her presence.  Philippa spent a long time talking with Tony and to me.  She was patient, gentle, and kind with him.  She radiated with energy the whole time she worked with him.  She laid with him on the ground and he was still and awake the whole time.  After she was done speaking with Tony and they both sat up, he put his front legs on her shoulders and just smiled! Today, Tony is happy and THRIVING with his forever home.  We were able to meet his exact needs because of Philippa.  Tony is almost a different dog now.  He glows with happiness!  I will always be grateful to Philippa: she played the biggest part in healing Tony.

JM – Atlanta, Georgia


The work of Phillipa Kingsley in her Vortex Healing has opened my heart and lungs to be able to envelop more love, more clarity of purpose. It has empowered me to find my true focus and to strengthen my individual path of soul. Many thanks and much love to Phillipa for her dedication and generous spirit.

She helped to heal my 5 year span of grief and shock over losing my beloved Shepherd mix, Gabriel, my earth angel. I was able to let go of holding onto my sadness yet retain the full memory of his wonderful companionship. And I am grateful.

Novella C. Hall, M.Ed. Counseling, N.C. Licensed
Professional Counselor National Certified Counselor, Jungian Oriented Psychotherapist, and Medium.
CHT, Certified Past Life Regressionist.


I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Philippa in private VortexHealing sessions along with a close friend for almost a year.  Philippa has led us through guided healing meditations, angelic heart meditations, Vortex energy healings, deep relaxation meditations and a variety of other meditations and continues to keep it interesting, worthwhile and we all are able to achieve much depth each time.

I have benefited from knowing Philippa and from working with her in countless ways. For days after our meditations sessions I can feel my body vibrating with energy and I have achieved such depth in my meditations, friendships, family and my connection to my surroundings. I have experienced both emotional healing and have received insights about myself and others.

I knew when I first saw Philippa that we would connect and that I would feel comfortable spending time with her.  What a gift she has been in my life. 

Philippa  has everything you would want in a healer – compassion, understanding, sincerity, an open heart, integrity and she continuously studies and takes higher level classes for her own development to enrich her journey and the journey of those she works with.

— Dawn Klempf, Atlanta, GA

At the last meditation session I felt energy pulsing against my skin for some of the time.  Then it seemed I was connected to the Universe and it was filling me with unlimited energy, love and wisdom.  What a cosmic trip!

When I left, my chest was literally vibrating and I do not think that I have ever felt better.  It is such a cool experience and I am so glad you are sharing it with me.

C.C. Atlanta, GA

Philippa… I want to thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed your beautiful uplifting presentation… It was informative and a spiritual opening and expanding moment… You were so free in your flowing white and we were flowing with you… You have a divine gift and are truly a blessing."

– A.R.  Atlanta, GA

"VortexHealing with Philippa opened a door.
It helped me forgive when I could not.
It helped me find my voice.
In short, it helped me discover who I really am.

– Mya Passmore, Atlanta, Ga

"My son who is now almost 13, went through a really rough time shortly after his father passed away.  He was full of anger and resentment and became aggressive and destructive.  After numerous therapy visits, nothing seemed to be helping.  Philippa had previously worked with my young daughter, and I saw the positive results, so I decided to use her once again. What a great decision…. After 4 sessions of VortexHealing, the change was astounding.  He became calm, agreeable and everyone around him noticed the change.  He continues to do well and I am forever grateful to Philippa."

— S.L. Alpharetta, GA

"When I met you in September 2010, I was on a quest to somehow communicate and work through the emotional mire stuck in my throat and in my heart.  You were an angel sent to me – it was so succinct.  I did not do any research into VortexHealing; I just read your brochure.

When I came to see you one month later for my healing session, I had forgotten all the  basic idea of this healing technique.  But getting to know you by simply being with you made me believe you were in my life for healing what was an intense blockage for me.

The healing session itself was deeply relaxing yet, even after a long plane ride and hectic schedule, I did not feel sleepy, only quietly suspended and light.  When it was over I didn’t feel much “different” but slightly refreshed.  Since that first and only session, I no longer have those choking emotional blockages when I recall those certain memories. I feel liberated and relieved, love and light, embracing my memories and cherishing them. Thank you Philippa, you are a gift from Heaven.  Thank you for your healing."

— Gail E. Murphy, Long Island, New York

"I want to tell you again how instrumental, compassionate and wonderful you were when my sister Helen passed.  I was desperate, and at that moment you could not have been more loving and supporting.  You gave me not only a shoulder to cry, but I could feel you were there for me, holding my hand helping me cross the desert of the saddest day of my life.  I felt transported to a place of comport that I did not expect at that moment was possible to feel.  Your infinite compassion, the kindness of your eyes and soul, the sound of your voice touched my soul and brought me some solace at a moment when there was no emotional place to be."

— Ana Acker, Atlanta, GA and Miami, Florida

“Thank you for such a detailed answer about grief.  It is very much an emotion I do not  understand as it is my first time feeling it.  I feel so honored  to have someone like you in my family.  You bring the passion and color of spirituality to people’s lives and our family tree and you embrace it, rather than dismiss it like many do in this modern society. It has inspired me to see further into the spirituality of this world.  Thank you for helping console me and thank you for performing healing.  I am feeling better and I do not doubt it was with your help.  I will take a good look at your website and it is such a shame that I can’t attend your workshop!  I will one day soon.

A year or so ago, my mother knitted a pillow with a near picture perfect image of a tortoiseshell cat sleeping.  It looks exactly like Calypso and I have put the pillow above my bed, for her to watch over me.  I feel that is the closest memorial object I can use for her, other than her collar and her water and food bowls.”

— S.L.B.  London, UK

3 years ago my young daughter Hannah who was five years old lost her father who had been ill with cancer.  She was completely devastated and even though I took her to counselors and therapists, nothing seemed to be helping her. She seemed lost and vague in everything that she did.

I was introduced to Philippa through a mutual friend.  Philippa informed me of VortexHealing and the more I listened to what she had to say the more I started to think that this may be the right thing for Hannah.

Philippa then started to work on Hannah and after just the first session I could already start seeing a difference.  She continued to work on Hannah for a long period and the change in this child was truly remarkable

Today Hannah is a happy, well adjusted, secure little girl and I owe this to Philippa and VortexHealing.

— SL, Alpharetta, GA

Philippa helped me tremendously during the loss of my beautiful standard poodle, Duke at 13 years.  Duke meant the world to my husband and me and it was very difficult to imagine life without him.  While nothing can ease the pain of such a loss, Philippa taught me how to honor Duke’s life and progress through the grieving process in a healthy way.  She helped me release him from this world by telling him we would go on.  On the day we had to say goodbye, she and I sat for hours looking at photos and talking about the special life he had.  I learned how much it can help to set up a “memorial” with his treasured possessions and all the cards I received from friends and family who understood our pain.  I burned a candle for a week as his spirit still hovered close and I now trust in my feelings when I know he is near.  We spread his ashes at sunrise on a particularly beautiful and serene day by the side of a river as a dolphin and her baby swam by. 

Philippa helped me understand that grieving is not a linear process and everyone must experience it in their own way.  It took me ten months to move beyond the sadness and sickness of his last year, but his memory is now filled with happy times and tears of joy at the life we shared.  We just recently adopted a new puppy and I know Duke is happy for us.

— Linda Slovic, Atlanta, GA


I have known Philippa since 2001, when we were brought together following the death of my father.  Her genuine compassion started a friendship which will endure.
Our mutual love for animals has added an additional bond, and she recently "dropped everything" to drive 2 hours to spend time with me after the death of one, and injury of another beloved pet. Philippa spent time with my surviving pets, Janey and Taylor,  who are grieving but healing, and with little Maggie, whose soul I know will bloom, wherever she is.
Philippa's sense of calmness is a welcome relief in a hurry-up world, where tranquility seems to be a hard to find commodity. – A. G., Montezuma, GA



Philippa Kingsley-Perel's Vortex Healing has literally touched and torqued 3 generations in my family.

For me, Philippa opened some closed doors which allowed me to start a very healthy and loving relationship and she shifted my stiffness enough to open my eyes to examining and investing in a small and serene farm in northern Florida.

For my son, Philippa's healing settled his unsettled psyche.   He is 14 and, of course, was full of trepidation at first .. but Philippa quickly put him at ease and he was very open and willing and felt a calm from the sessions.

For my mother who had just gone through an aortic bi-femoral bypass Philippa's healings were nothing short of miraculous.   My mother is 77 and was having a hard time breaking through the pain to the healing.   She was complaining of being cold all the time, stayed in bed the majority of the day and was refusing most all foods.   During the healing she became hot and the next morning told me she felt "much better" .. she then proceeded to eat her first whole meal and three days later was well enough to go back to her own home.

The life-altering results of these healings are undeniable .. we are all grateful. – S.C., Atlanta, GA



My name is Shayna Morse and I am a certfied licensed counselor.  I have never experienced anything as powerful as Vortex Healing.  For me personally, it allowed me to connect in a deeper way with my spiritual essence and has brought a new healing in my life.  I would recommend Vortex Healing for anyone who wants to go deeper within themselves and achieve greater emotional stability and spiritual connectedness.  – S.M., Atlanta, GA



Philippa is a gifted and intuitive healer.  When I was struggling with some upsetting life episodes, two sessions with her changed my course of direction and opened my heart.  I would recommend her to anyone who needs to shift blocked energy. – S.W., Atlanta, GA



Philippa Kingsley has a gift for healing pets and people too!  When I recently lost my dog (due to old age), Philippa was there to guide me and help me through this process.  She not only understood my grief, but helped me understand the grief that my other dogs would be going through as well.  She is compassionate and caring and has an uncanny ability to understand the unspoken word of animals. – S.L., Atlanta, GA