Healing Pets

When it’s time to let go of our companion animal the pain that it unleashes is immense. Even though we know on a logical level that it is part of evolution it doesn’t help our emotions when our heart is breaking and we are thinking “how are we ever going to get over it?” Some people just cannot understand the depth of our feelings and say “it’s only a dog or a cat”. I will help you feel that it is acceptable to grieve over the loss or imminent loss and to understand the physical and spiritual journey that you and your beloved pet have been through and the lessons learned. Your companion animal came to help you understand and experience unconditional love in its most pure form. I can help you through the whole process because I have experienced it myself.

If you have adopted a rescue animal and it still has behavior problems associated with its previous life of abuse, I can help you and your companion animal with animal communication and VortexHealing® Finding out what your pet feels and thinks and to be able to share with you their feelings and fears. Even though they are living with you in a loving environment the residue and fear from their previous life is ingrained in their cells. VortexHealing® which has 49 different forms of healing light works at the cellular level and will shift the old energy enabling you both to totally embrace the new life and love that you have both found.

If your pet has ill health, VortexHealing® and Animal Communication can supplement any medical treatment that your pet may be receiving.

Philippa and Jenny Brown, founder of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, NY

Being spiritually guided by my beloved Voguie and Cosmo who are no longer in physical form it was a natural progression and time for me to raise my vibration to formally encompass animal communication. People who know me are aware that I am totally besotted by animals! To be able to communicate with animals of all shapes and sizes and raise the understanding and awareness of people to truly realize that animals, like us, have distinct personalities, thoughts, feelings and souls. All we have to do is to open our hearts to them and listen. To be able to cross the bridge between human and non-human communication sharing the mutual love on offer from our companion animals whether in physical form or from our beloved companion animals that have transitioned from their physical bodies realizing that the unconditional love and connection is timeless and forever.

If your pet is lost and you have done everything possible to find them, do not despair.  Your pet can be found by energetically connecting with them, establishing where they are and what happened to them.  You and your pet can then be reunited.


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