Healing People

Many people have such deep pain and sorrow etched into their belief system that it can cause emotional or physical manifestation. It takes great strength of character and courage to release this negativity. Learn how to forgive yourself or an issue, enabling you to move forward and make a quantum leap in your life and fully engage in the miraculous journey of the human soul with faith, trust and belief in yourself. You will be facilitated and empowered during your journey along the spiritual path to discover your life purpose. The realization that all you have to do is to commit to yourself is a simple act of awareness and love.

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing is about change and the transformation of consciousness at a root causal level, healing issues originating from the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or karmic levels. It works at the cellular level releasing issues of fear or lack of self-worth, the basis of most peoples dramas.”  It helps people forgive themselves or a situation lightening the load that they have been carrying in their nervous system.  VortexHealing® is my soul’s path to heal people or pets. 

You may decide that to help you find closure and start the healing process, you feel the need to connect to the beloved person or pet in your life who has transitioned from their physical body. 

As a spiritual medium, she blends and becomes a voice for the Spirit world, telling the story of a life once lived and giving messages of love to dry your tears of sadness and let hope unfold again in your heart.

Love never changes, only the physical body falls away.
Love is eternal.

Readings can be in person or Skype appointment, by request.

Sharing with you the difference between a psychic reading and a spiritual mediumistic  reading:

  • All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.
  • A psychic reading is about you and your life.
  • A spiritual mediumistic reading is about blending and connecting with a beloved person in the Spirit world.

Sharing the angelic realm with you and bringing awareness of the healing energies that surround the angels.  The power of the angels is incorporated in to the healings that I perform for people or pets.

Think of meditation as giving your conscious mind a “vacation” or “holiday” from all the inner turmoil of life in the fast lane. Whether you are a novice or well-versed in meditation, you can slow down your mind with guided visualizations and focusing on the breath. The channeled Angelic Heart meditation will open your spiritual heart, giving you clarity of any unresolved situation in your life and allow healing and peace.  My channeled Meditation: Freedom to Be Free is Freeing is available as CD or Download.

Past Life Healing works well in conjunction with other healing modalities. For example, perhaps a physical manifestation may not respond to mainstream medical treatment for no apparent medical reason. The answer can be unlocked with past life regression and clarity obtained. Usually the cause has an emotional basis and pattern, with the person bringing the unresolved issue into the present life which manifests in physical form . Past life healing works well for phobias, unexplained emotional or karmic issues. Once unlocked the issue would be treated with VortexHealing which works at the cellular level.






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