Psychic & Spiritual Medium
You may decide that to help you find closure and start the healing process, you feel the need to connect to the beloved person or pet in your life who has transitioned from their physical body. 

As a spiritual medium, she blends and becomes a voice for the Spirit world, telling the story of a life once lived and giving messages of love to dry your tears of sadness and let hope unfold again in your heart.

Love never changes, only the physical body falls away.
Love is eternal.

Readings can be in person or Skype appointment, by request.

Sharing with you the difference between a psychic reading and a spiritual mediumistic  reading:

  • All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.
  • A psychic reading is about you and your life.
  • A spiritual mediumistic reading is about blending and connecting with a beloved person in the Spirit world.

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