An Inspirational Story
My Father with Vortexhealing® and Health & Nutrition

My father, who is a retired physician and surgeon in London had two brain surgeries in 2005. He survived that ordeal.

In 2006 he was diagnosed with colon cancer and had part of his colon removed. However, the cancer is in the lymph nodes and to date has not spread. He is too old to have chemotherapy. In October 2006, he had a bowel obstruction and was rushed to hospital as an emergency. He then stopped eating.

I have been backwards and forwards from Atlanta to London on an intense emotional roller coaster. I rushed to London fearing the worst.

Nobody, not the specialist, the nursing staff, my brother, myself, even my father himself did not think he would survive. (My mother has Alzheimer's and on a level just emotionally withdrew as it was too painful for her to see my usually strong father in this condition.)

My father did not want to eat or drink. Nothing could entice him, the offer of food, his favorite meals (he was always a "foodie", like me!). I had invested in a juicer which was at my parents home, but he still refused everything. It was so difficult to watch him literally wasting away to skin and bones. I moved into the hospital and slept in his room and concentrated all my time with him for two weeks.

During this time I did an intense VortexHealing® on my father. There has always been a deep karmic emotional bond between us, but we had become disengaged over the years and living abroad did not make it any easier due to the distance factor.

The impact of the reality of the situation for us both enabled me to become mother, wife and daughter all rolled into one. We talked, we cried, we laughed and we finally became one with each other on a truthful acceptance of things that were, things that are, and things that will be. We forgave each other and certain situations and realized the essence of life is so pure and that you have to let go to move on. On this earth we think we have a timeframe but in fact, we don't, time does not mean anything on a higher level.

We both realized how lucky we both were to have been given the gift of cleansing our hearts and our souls so that we can move on to the next dimension.

I had to leave London to return to my life in Atlanta. Both our hearts were breaking when it came time to say goodbye, neither of use thought we would see each other again.

The hospital sent my father home. Eventually he started to eat again but his whole system was extremely sluggish and he was so thin and weak. A shadow of his former self which had always been energetic, charismatic and a dedicated physician much beloved by all his patients. A crisis arose, he hadn't been to the bathroom for one week, he was given all the medical assistance to help his system move, just before they were going to administer the last drastic ammunition in the arsenal, I phoned from Atlanta, spoke to my sister- in- law and said "Use the juicer". I had been nagging for weeks about juicing and it was falling on deaf ears. In the end, everyone was so desperate they used the juicer with my recipe. Low and behold it worked immediately!!!

The moral of this story? There is no coincidence in life, everything happens for a reason, we don't always know at the time. Never give up, keep faith, trust and belief in yourself. When you have a life threatening illness, you change your views and your priorities in life. It takes time to realize that life is a gift and that there are other healing options available. Things come to you in life when they are meant to be, accept with open arms and learn to live each day in the present moment.

As for my darling father, he is juicing every day, has put on weight, is eating normally, his voice sounds strong and is motivated to fully ingest life.

We both know that he was given a chance, and how old is he? 87 years young!


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