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Philippa Kingsley is from London, lived in The Netherlands for four years, became a professional Thai chef and instructor owning a unique Thai catering company and Thai cooking school which she transferred to Atlanta. www.philippasorient.com

In 1996 she moved with her husband and their two English Cocker Spaniels, Voguie and Cosmo to Atlanta. She cooked all organic food for her dogs and any other dogs that happened to be around in the house at feeding time. She is a self-confessed “dogaholic”, loves cats too, plus all other companion animals.

Philippa personally experienced the transformative power of VortexHealing with a deep seated family issue that she thought would never change. She became committed to sharing this healing process with others.

Philippa continuously takes higher levels of VortexHealing® trainings in USA and London.  She has developed a diverse client base of adults, children and animals and regularly speaks publicly about VortexHealing®.  She provides private VortexHealing® sessions, teaches meditation, grief healing, channeled medium, specializes in animal communication, works with rescue pets, lost pets, pet grief counseling, and guidance around health issues. Philippa is also a certified member of The National Association of Public Speakers and Trainers.

In September 2004 Voguie left this world after a three month bout of kidney failure in which Philippa went through the depths of despair.  The emotional journey that everyone in the family went through, including Cosmo was debilitating. Even more emotional challenges came up in 2009, the year that Philippa lost her darling father in May, and in October Cosmo transitioned from her physical body after a battle with cancer.

Knowing and understanding the grief process led Philippa to increase her focus and capabilities around pets and the people who love them deal with issues of illness and loss. A combination of this holistic and spiritual journey helped Philippa get to the point that she can now give her love and caring to both people and pets.

Philippa has been on a spiritual journey and quest since 1986 looking for what has now culminated in VortexHealing® as the catalyst for her realization and awakening.




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