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Most important of all Juice, Juice, Juice!!!!!!

Invest in a juicer, there are so many fabulous choices of concoctions that you can make from fruits and vegetables and there are many simple recipe books on juicing on the market.

Why should you make the effort to juice? You will be feeding all the cells in your body all the nutrients that it needs. Most of the time we feel hungry, overeat or eat the wrong foods because our cells are starved.

If you have a life threatening illness and are having chemotherapy you often don't want to eat during the course of treatment. It takes effort and energy to digest food.

  • VortexHealing® for healing of the physical, mental, emotional and karmic levels. By the time an illness manifests into form you need to look at the root cause - cause and effect. Everything comes from the mind, therefore illness can be quelled with the assistance of a positive and realistic healing approach.
  • Meditation to calm the conscious mind.
  • Now is the time to juice, nurture and feed your physical body.

Here is my recipe for a great and easy tasting drink:

All organic ingredients -
8ozs apple juice,
8ozs carrot juice,
½ Beet (beetroot)
(approx. 2 apples, 6 carrots, and ½ beet) for each drink.

It tastes great, beet is a blood booster (too much beet is too intense for the system, ½ beet a day is an ample amount. This will cleanse your colon, boost your immune system, fill you up so you won't feel hungry, enhance your physical energy and you will feel mentally alert. I know, this is what I do every morning.

How do I know this works? Sometimes, if I don't juice my body and mind feel "sluggish". The next day I juice and I feel on top of the world again.

Try it and see how you feel. I have recommended this drink to many people and they all say the same thing how vitalized it makes them feel.




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